One of the initiatives of the National Skills council are the Education-Business Encounters, where we bring together educational professionals and industry to identify ways and means of working closer together. Together, key stakeholders in different sectors are invited to meet to discuss the main issues that both are facing concurrently, with the aim of creating workable outcomes to address the need for continued relevance of the study programmes depending on the needs of the industry. Today we held two encounters, one was focused on the digital sector and the other the pharmaceutical sector, these were held at Aurobindo.

During the sessions, we looked at how Industry and Education can communicate to achieve outcomes which are necessary for the future of our students. Education and Industry have been accused to using different languages. These sessions brought the two together to determine what the needs are and how these can be achieved. This was done by; holding an honest discussion of what is expected from each party, focusing on developing long term partnerships, providing support to each partner when doing so and examing benefits to each party that will result from collaborations.

The intention behind these encounters, is not to share the same language, but to bring together these languages to create a common understanding to assist both parties.

Michelle Gialanze