Updated 15.38: Higher Secondary Case – The facts

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A lot has been written in the press yesterday about a supposed transfer or demotion of a Higher Secondary Assistant Head.

The Education Ministry has issued a statement to reject these claims and to provide all the details of this case. It is worth noting that newsrooms published these news articles without verifying these claims beforehand with the school or Ministry.

The statement, published yesterday, explains that:

– The case has already been looked into by the Head of School and College Principal, and action was already taken and communicated.

– Such matters are handled at a school and/or College level.

– The Assistant Head was not transferred and is still working at the Higher Secondary. He retains this role and the responsibilities associated with the role.

– As the matter is within the remit of the Police following the submission of a report, his responsibilities will not include supervision of this security officer involved in this case.

– The matter is also being looked into by the employer’s side as well as the Police. Should further action arise from that, the school will take all necessary action as is required.

Update 15.38 – The Ministry denies that any disciplinary decision was taken against the Assistant Head over an alleged infringement of regulations. A disciplinary process has been initiated. The independent disciplinary board, following due process, shall eventually come to its decision. The picture which the Union of Professional Educators is portraying is misleading.