STARTSTEM Campaign second phase launch

The Science Centre (Pembroke) within the Directorate for Learning & Assessment Programmes recently launched the second phase of the #STARTSTEM Campaign.  This second phase features two additional clips succeeding the initial four launched during 2020.

The #STARTSTEM Campaign aims to empower and inspire young students to pursue STEM studies and careers thus nurturing the next generation of STEM innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs. The campaign forms part of a broad vision for Quality STEM Education to all students,  that the Science Centre has embarked on.  A high quality education in STEM helps learners compete globally by developing their skills and competences in thinking critically, evaluating evidence and analysing information.  Importantly students also learn to become problem-solvers able to tackle current and future challenges, making society and the globe a better place for generations to come.

During the launch Dr Fabri (Permanent Secretary MfED) highlighted that the conspicuous changes within national STEM Education are the result of multiple strategic actions including curricular reform, professional development and support of educators and strong STEM outreach programme.  He mentioned that the positive change is gaining concrete results as evident in the recent TIMSS results for both Mathematics and Science.

STEM Campaign Flyboard.mp4

STEM Campaign Immerse.mp4