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Team Malta in the MWB Tournament 2022.

What an amazing end to an incredible journey! The best result for TEAM MALTA in the Mathematics Without Borders Tournament so far! Darren Zammit, Ġużeppi Schembri, Joy Mizzi, Kieran Cassar and Nathan Tedesco did Malta proud.

Over 1000 finalists from 25 countries qualified to the Final Round of the Maths Without Borders Tournament which took place in Nessebar, Bulgaria from Saturday 1st to Tuesday 5th July. Finalists competed in an Individual Round and in a Team Challenge.

Nathan (Category 4) and Kieran (Category 6) both won a Gold Medal in the individual round. while Kieran was also awarded a Silver Medal in the team challenge.  Darren and Joy (Category 5) won a Silver Medal in both the individual round and in the team challenge.  Ġużeppi (Category 7) was awarded a Bronze Medal for his performance in both the individual round and in the team challenge.

The Maths Star of the Tournament Award for Malta was awarded to Nathan and Kieran.  This means that they were the best performing students for Malta throughout this year’s tournament (3 preliminary rounds + final round).

Nathan, Kieran and Joy were further awarded an MWB Cup for their outstanding performance throughout the tournament.  They obtained the best aggregate score in their category throughout the tournament internationally.  The ranking for the MWB Cups is determined based on the sum of the two best results of the three preliminary rounds and the tripled result of the final competition. Joy won a Silver Cup for her performance in Category 5, while Nathan and Kieran won a Gold Cup for their performance in Category 4 and 6 respectively.