‘Create Your Shape – Discover Your Potential’

Aġenzija Żgħażagħ is implementing a Youth campaign ‘Create Your Shape – Discover Your Potential’ to make young people aware of the importance of non-formal education activities to enhance their independent living skills and employment skills.

Education, generally understood as a lifelong process, is delivered through several interdependent and complementary channels. Formal education is hierarchically structured, and chronologically graded and runs from primary to tertiary institutions.  Non-formal education (NFE) is an organised educational activity outside the established formal system intended to ensure a more holistic approach to educating and empowering young people. Non-formal education complements the formal education provided by schools and can also make up for shortfalls of formal education. It can involve topics not covered by school curricula.  It encompasses various activities including sports, arts, culture, public debates and further training to promote the concept of further learning and raise awareness of active citizenship.  The videos produced by the Agency aim at promoting these activities with young people and encourage them to look into their inner self to discover their potential through what they think are good at most.    We encourage all to disseminate this campaign in both the education and youth sector.