UNESCO Art Camp 2022 – Colours for Peace

Art Department – St Ignatius College Middle School Handaq

St Ignatius College Middle School Handaq welcomed a group of six international artists, participating in the UNESCO Art Camp Malta 2022 initiative.

Art Camp Malta is organised by the Maltese National Commission for UNESCO. Artists visiting the school led a workshop entitled Colours For Peace. The visiting artists were, Alexandru Radvan from Romania, Sima Kahaki from Iran, Vazha Kavlelashvili from Georgia, Patricia Sampaio d’Utra Vaz from Brazil, Mauskovaska Iryna from Ukraine and Stiefnu DeBattista from Malta.

Following an introductory discuss

ion addressing peace and intercultural dialogue, the artists, along with students from 7F &7L and 8L, embarked on a few hours of collaborative creativity. During this task, two sets of canvases were set up, facilitating a continuous flow of colours; all revolving around the theme of peace. This experience was highly enriching for both teachers and students alike, using art education to deepen understanding about global realities. This initiative was part of the school’s programme for Eduction for Sustainable Develoment and Global Education. St Ignatius College Middle School Handaq is a member of the UNESCO Associated Schools.

‘Art has no survival value, rather it gives value to survival’ C. S. Lewis

Alison, Gabriel and Bernice