An exciting Erasmus project titled “Our School of the Future – Integrating the Finnish Approach at MRC Middle School Naxxar” has brought educators together to explore the renowned Finnish educational system. The project focused on teacher training and provided opportunities for fifteen members of our staff to participate in courses like “What’s Next in Finnish Classrooms” and “Future Classrooms.” Visits to Finnish schools showcased student-centred learning environments emphasizing autonomy, critical thinking, and collaboration. Conferences and discussions with Finnish educators and international counterparts enriched the project, fostering new perspectives on teaching and learning.

Another training course, the “Life Shadowing” experience, allowed educators to immerse themselves in Finnish schools, gaining insights into holistic education approaches. The project equipped educators with new skills and inspiration to enhance their own classrooms. By learning from the Finnish model, they aim to implement innovative educational practices for the benefit of students.

The project’s success was made possible by the support and funding from the European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA) through the Erasmus+ programme, and thanks to the project coordinators Ms. Nicolette Miller (Head of Department) and Ms. Muriel Caruana (ICT Teacher) at MRC Middle School Naxxar.