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Aqra kemm Tiflaħ/Enriching Classroom Libraries

The ‘Aqra kemm Tiflaħ’ programme aims to provide Primary and Kindergarten classroom libraries with high quality books that appeal to children. Each classroom is being allotted a selection of books in English and Maltese. The books are of different genres, including non-fiction and fiction. This way children are offered a wide range of books to choose from and take home to read for pleasure.  This enables children to interact directly with books, demonstrate positive attitudes towards reading, spend more time reading and reach higher levels of reading achievement.

During this scholastic year, more than 14,900 books in Maltese and in English have been distributed in primary state schools.

Also, through this programme, the National Literacy Agency has produced, and is making available to educators, students and parents, resources that enhance the experience of reading for pleasure. These include interactive games and activities in Maltese and in English that may be accessed before, during and after reading. The resources are all free of charge and accessible online on