EU Code Week Educators’ Programme: Apply Now!

The fourth edition of the EU Code Week Malta Educators’ Programme is being organized by the Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills (DDLTS) in partnership with the EU Code Week Team, the Faculty of Education at the University of Malta, the Secretariat for Catholic Education and the eSkills Malta Foundation.

This programme aims to offer new insights to both in-service and pre-service educators (in primary and secondary education) on diverse methods for integrating coding and computational thinking in an enjoyable and interactive way. In-service and pre-service educators interested in exploring a range of educational coding applications, robotics kits, AI tools and discovering their potential integration into the curriculum, are encouraged to apply for this programme.

In these training sessions, participants will be familiarised with They will have the opportunity to explore the resources provided by and engage in discussions about integrating them across various subjects.

Participants attending this programme are entitled to apply for the Accelerated Progression Scheme since attendance is on a voluntary basis and after school hours. More information can be found here.


Date and time: 4th, , 6th, 9th, 11th, 13th  September 2024 between 09:00 and 12:00
Duration: 15 hours spread over five days
Venue/Online: Online/The Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills, Ħamrun
Target Audience: All in-service and pre-service educators of all subjects in Primary and Secondary schools from State, Non-state schools in Malta who are interested to implement coding in a cross-curricular approach.
Number of participants: Maximum number of participants that can join the EU Code Week Malta Summer school is 30. Applications will be processed on a first come first served basis.
Prerequisites: Basic IT skills.
Registration: Click here to apply for the programme. ( )
Deadline: 9th August 2024