Which subject to choose? Programme helps students find their path

JAYE Malta Foundation has launched the Economic for Success Programme aimed at helping young learners make informed decisions about their futures.

This programme is intended to help participants engage actively with the concept that different skill sets are required for different job options which are also determined by an individual’s values and personal interests. This is evidently crucial, especially at this stage of the scholastic year, as in the coming days they will be asked to submit their choices on which subjects to learn over the next years in school.

Peter Calleya, HSBC’s International Marketing Manager told Newsbreak: “The aim of the programme is to help students identify better their skills, interests and values and how these can be interpreted in their choices in school and further on in their careers. Every child has different aspirations and what we do through class exercises is understand better what is their best fit so they can more informed decisions.”

Jaye Malta Foundation Chairperson Karl Briffa said: “It is important that from an early age, young people understand what their options are and the opportunities open to them. That is the goal of this programme, which is aimed for 12 years old. However in parallel with this we have other programmes which focus on primary education. Entrepreneurship education is an important element in these pilot programmes and we look forward to continue helping on these lines.”