The Visual & Performing Arts School is a first in Malta

The official inauguration of the Malta Visual & Performing Arts School took place on Friday and it was as colourful and artistic as you’d expect.

In the ceremony, the Prime Minister remarked that art subjects were considered as extra-curricular in recent history, yet today the first cohort in this school has written history for being one of the most innovative schools around.

“You are an example to all that there is more than one path to learning” Prime Minister Joseph Muscat told the students.

Education Minister Evarist Bartolo said each and every child and young person has potential and school such as this one, and similarly the National Sports School, open the door for many to balance an academic education with their passion. We must engage young people to develop their potential and skills, no matter what that may happen to be.

What is the VPA?

The Visual & Performing Arts offers five art forms as the primary focus of study: art, dance, drama, media, music, and the first cohort had a total of 48 students.

The institution will give young artists the opportunity to enhance further their artistic nous and rationality by way of consolidating their actual talent levels without renouncing their proficiency in core academic subjects. The school also aims to move forward along a dual pathway, namely, the artistic as well as the academic one.