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Learning Together at Kirkop Primary School

Students at Kirkop Primary School have prepared a short videoclip showing all the activities they have for the 10th edition of X’hemM ghal Dinja Ahjar 2021. This initiative is aimed to promote quality STEM education for all, develop topics outlined in Primary Mathematics and Science curricula and engage students in relevant meaningful experiences.

This  school joint project consisted of various activities to make the pupils aware of the appropriateness of wearing a face mask during this pandemic and also awareness of proper disposal of masks to reduce pollution in our environment. The year 5 & 6  students were involved in doing surveys in school and also in the community and after they gathered the data, they plotted line graphs and also created bar graphs using the J2e application on their tablets.

The year 4 students came up with a set of questions to interview a person from the local council about the making of cloth masks. They asked her about the material used, the expenses incurred, the measurements of cloth and elastic used per mask and time taken to complete each mask. The year 3 class created posters emphasising the appropriate way of wearing face masks for a better level of protection. The years 1 & 2 classes enjoyed themselves playing the game of Snakes and Ladders and moving forwards and backwards according to clues such as, washing their hands frequently and not covering their nose when wearing a mask. They also played a song about recycling using labelled glass jars, water and spoons, thus investigating sounds. The kindergarten children created their own mask, using recyclable material, and designing a symmetrical pattern or focusing on place value. These little ones came up with the idea of creating a bin, using a cardboard box, to dispose of surgical masks instead of throwing it in the environment. They are hoping that someone will come up with the idea of recycling these face masks to reduce mask pollution!

All the resources used for these activities, such as, photos, data gathered from surveys, questionnaires, powerpoints, clues, songs, etc, are uploaded on our school website and also on Teleskola portal.