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Towards Becoming a Dyslexia Friendly School – Guidelines for Schools

Launched on 27 05 2021

Specific Learning Difficulties Service (SpLD Service) within the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes (DLAP) has just launched a set of guidelines for primary schools that wish to embark on the journey towards becoming a Dyslexia Friendly School. These guidelines reflect the commitment of the SpLD team to ensure that all students with learning differences are given every opportunity to learn and to develop their full potential.

A Dyslexia Friendly School is an inclusive school which caters for the diverse needs of students within the classroom. It functions within the social model of dyslexia, that is, it does not accentuate the deficits of students, but focuses on removing barriers to learning and on the adjustments required in teaching methodologies.

While promoting understanding of the implications of dyslexia, such schools subscribe to multisensory teaching across all subjects. They encourage positivity and belief in the potential of each individual thereby inspiring students to develop their abilities in a supportive and holistic environment.