The Directorate for Culture is launching once again the Culture Pass Programme for all schools.  All students attending the Kindergarten, Primary, Middle, Secondary and Post-Secondary Schools can benefit from this initiative.

The aim of the Culture Pass is to give all students the opportunity to experience at least one cultural activity/event during a scholastic year.  We would like all students to experience more than once.  We are offering several cultural productions which children and students may enjoy and which are related to their learning experience.  All productions are designed to reflect the desired audience and age group, as well as the school curriculum.

Schools may choose the productions from the website

When a production is chosen, the school may contact the producer directly and set the date according to the exigencies of the school timetable, provided that the production is available at that day and time.

We are insisting with producers that consideration of health and safety guidelines followed by schools are a top priority.  Productions may be experienced online.

After students attend the performance, the Head of School is to send us a claim form.  No payment is to be made to any member of the production team.  The Culture Directorate shall pay €5 per student attending such a production.  It is very important that Heads of School insert the exact number of students attending, excluding Teachers, LSEs, members of SMT, etc.

The Claim Form (which can be obtained from the Producer) may be sent to [email protected].

If a school has any difficulty, do not hesitate to contact Ms Marylee Camilleri Kasap (25584973).