Digital Art Competition 2022: 2nd Edition

The Digital Art Competition was organised for the second time by the Vocational and Applied Programmes Unit within the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation. The aim of this competition was to promote digital artwork while raising awareness about the different forms of digital art.  Students from Year 1 to Year 11, attending state and non-state schools, were invited to submit a digital artwork.  They were to choose one of three themes being architecture, patterns, and people.

Around hundred students participated in this initiative whereby various forms of digital art were used.  Submissions varied from digital drawings, photographs, collages, and illustrations.

Following are the students who placed in the first three places, in each of the four categories.  While the names of the best three submissions are listed, for us ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE WINNERS.  All submissions can be viewed online on the Media Literacy Facebook page (https://rb.gy/uimf5l).

Category A (Year 1 to Year 3 students)

  1. Ben Abela, Year 2 (Laura Vicuna Primary School, Ghasri Gozo)
  2. Alice Stroud, Year 1 (St Joseph Junior School, Sliema)
  3. Liam Zerafa, Year 2 (St Thomas More College, Fgura Primary)

Category B (Year 4 to Year 6 students)

  1. Lyla Bezzina McKay, Year 4 (St Joseph Junior School, Sliema)
  2. Dumitrita Buga, Year 6 (St Benedict College, Mqabba Primary)
  3. Jake Galea, Year 5 (Laura Vicuna Primary School, Ghasri Gozo)

 Category C (Year 7 and Year 8 students)

  1. Maria Bonnici, Year 8 (Sacred Heart College, Senior School, St Julians)
  2. Jethro Azzopardi Duca, Year 7 (The Malta Visual and Performing Arts School)
  3. Michela Caruana, Year 7 (St Dorothy’s Senior School, Zebbug Malta)

 Category D (Year 9 to Year 11 students)

  1. Yana Caruana, Year 10 (St Thomas More College, Secondary School, St Lucia)
  2. Mikhail Caruana, Year 10 (Savio College, Dingli)
  3. John Mizzi, Year 9 (St Nicholas College, Secondary School, Dingli)