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Art Exhibition ‘Together for a Better Life Online’

During April-May 2022, Art teachers from state and non-state secondary schools encouraged their students to participate in the initiative ‘Together for a Better Life Online’.   Inspired by the theme, students went through a creative process of research and development of ideas to design eye-catching posters. Exhibited at prominent school areas, these posters reinforced an awareness about the appropriate use of digital platforms. Images of the exhibitions were uploaded on the schools’ websites. This provided an additional opportunity to raise public awareness to the appropriate use of digital platforms through students’ art.

Below are links to the websites showing the exhibitions’ images at the following participating schools: St. Benedict College, Kirkop Secondary; Maria Regina College, Mosta Secondary (Ex-Lily of the Valley); St. Ignatius College, Handaq Middle school; Gozo College Middle school; St.Monica school, B’Kara.


Link to St. Benedict College, Kirkop Sec:

‘Together for a Better Life Online’ Art Competition – St Benedict College (


Link to Maria Regina College, Mosta Sec (Ex-Lily of the Valley):


Link of St. Ignatius College, Handaq Ms:


Link to Gozo College Ms:

Gozo College Middle School – Posts | Facebook


Link to St.Monica school: