Reading Recovery (RR) is an intervention programme designed to meet the needs of children who have the lowest achievement in literacy learning within a specific 6-month age range in Year 2. Children are taught individually, by a specially trained teacher, for 30 minutes each day.

The provision of Reading Recovery in state schools in Malta and Gozo was included in the reforms and investments identified by the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation in the Recovery and Resilience Plan (2021-2024). This scholastic year, the National Literacy Agency (NLA), in collaboration with University College London (UCL), has continued to implement RR in English, reaching 250 pupils in 61 primary schools in Malta and Gozo.

In October 2022 and May 2023, Dr Sue Bodman and Ms Glen Franklin, RR National Leaders, visited schools in Malta which are implementing RR, for the purpose of accreditation. The National Leaders provided individual support to the 7 local Teacher Leaders to ensure that the standards for implementation of RR are met and its trademark can continue to be used.

For more information about the Reading Recovery programme, an email is to be sent to Ms Janet M. Cristina, Senior Manager NLA, at [email protected] or call 2598 3327.