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Workshop on Mental Health – Active Citizen Education

The Directorate for Research, Lifelong Learning, and Employability cordially invites you to the following Active Citizen Education (ACE) workshop:

Mind Matters: A Creative Approach to Mental Health Education

An Active Citizen Education Workshop (ACE) in collaboration with Richmond Foundation

It is well proven that being active within the community is beneficial for individuals, the community, and the wider world around them. Being active citizens helps people feel a sense of belonging and unites people to make the changes required for the wellbeing of society.

The Directorate for Research, Lifelong Learning and Employability is organising a series of activities in collaboration with different organisations to explore and promote this concept further. The activities involved various non-formal teaching and learning strategies and focus on different aspects of becoming an engaged member of the community.

By attending these workshops, participants could:

  • Define the term active citizenship
  • Define democracy, citizens’ rights, and inclusion
  • Explore the benefits of being an active citizen for the self and society
  • Identify one or more actions one can take to be an active citizen through mental health

We encourage the general public to register and participate in the next interactive event that is being organised in collaboration with Friends of the Earth. The workshop entitled ‘Mind Matters: A Creative Approach to Mental Health Education’, will give participants the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the importance of positive mental health and the impact that negative attitudes can have on individuals and society. Participants will also learn how to recognize and respond to signs of mental distress in themselves and others. The goal of the workshop is to help participants explore how to promote mental wellness through self-care and community engagement.

Refreshments will be available, and in the spirit of sustainability, we encourage you to bring your own reusable cup/bottle to help us avoid generating plastic waste. We look forward to seeing you at this workshop!

Click here to register.

You must be 18+ years old to register for this event.

This workshop is free of charge.

Date: Wednesday 19th July 2023
Time: 16:30 – 20:00
Venue: Lifelong Learning Centre, Qrejten Street, Msida (Corner with Junior College)