Maths Camp – Directorate for STEM and VET Programmes

On Tuesday 19th September, a group of 18 young Mathematicians aged between 11 and 13 years participated in a Maths Camp at Saint Paul’s Catacombs, in Rabat. The event was organised by the Science Centre Pembroke within the Directorate for STEM and VET Programmes , in collaboration with Heritage Malta.

The Maths Camp, which brought together students with a keen interest in Mathematics, aimed at providing the students with an opportunity to collaborate in teams, think creatively and communicate mathematical ideas. Some of the students engaged in a Maths Trail involving mathematics questions whilst others investigated Pythagoras Theorem and its application in real life.

During the event, personnel from Heritage Malta gave a presentation to the students on bones, explaining the difference and similarities between human and animal bones and the information these remains provide to archaeologists.

The pictures show the students’ keen participation during the mathematics activities and the presentation by Heritage Malta.