An interactive workshop on Educational Neuroscience (EN) in the classroom took place at the National Curriculum Centre (NCC) last Friday, 13th October. The session was delivered by Dr Erika Galea, Founder and Director of the Educational Neuroscience Hub upon an invitation from Ms Sandra Ebejer, Director, as part of a series of professional development sessions to Education Officers for the Early Years, Languages and Humanities. A good number of Education Officers responsible for Curriculum Management within State College Networks were also present together with Heads of Department for Literacy. The latter attended thanks to the continuous collaboration and support of Mr David Muscat, CEO at the NCC. Dr Lucianne Zammit, Education Officer for Ethics up to last scholastic year, also joined this session.

Educational Neuroscience (EN) is an emerging field that is changing the way we think about teaching and learning by applying scientific evidence based on the human brain to teaching pedagogy and as part of what has become known as the science of teaching and learning.

EN provides the tools and strategies, educators and parents/guardians need to transition effortlessly between the emotional, cognitive, behavioural and intellectual dimensions. EN provides and helps educators form insight and strategies that play to a learner’s strengths.

Neuroscience research has pointed out that if educators understand the brain of learners, they will be better equipped to recognise the differences in many ways of teaching and learning and will be able to promote successful outcomes.

This session was very well received with a follow up scheduled for January 2024.

Dr Erika Galea can be reached via:  [email protected]