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A Special Guest at Zabbar Primary B

Zabbar Primary B is honoured to announce the recent visit of Dr Ida Oosterheert, an Associate Professor from Radboud University in the Netherlands. The visit was a part of the school’s ongoing Erasmus+ accreditation programme, aimed at enhancing the professional development of teachers.

Dr Oosterheert had in-depth conversations with the senior management team delving into the opportunities and challenges that the school faces in both a local and global context. She observed teachers in their classrooms, gaining firsthand insight into our teaching methodologies and practices. She also worked closely with teacher mentors, offering feedback and guidance to enhance teaching techniques and strategies.

During a staff meeting, Dr Oosterheert presented a comprehensive overview of the Dutch education system. She discussed the system’s advantages and disadvantages, fostering a meaningful dialogue among educators. She also conducted a workshop on teacher learning orientations. This engaging session explored how teachers learn and develop professionally, sharing insights and methods to help our educators further their growth and proficiency.

Dr Oosterheert’s three-day visit to our school has invigorated the discourse on education, inspiring educators. Her contributions, shared knowledge, and cross-cultural insights have been invaluable in broadening our horizons and advancing our mission to provide the best possible education to our students.

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