New website gets underway preparations for next scholastic year

As another scholastic year comes to end, work has already started on the next scholastic year through the launch of a new website – – that has the aim to better prepare parents, teachers and students for September 2018.

Preparation is very important.

Almost everyone knows of someone who chose the wrong subjects, or was not aware of what subjects were required for a particular educational programme. This led to repeating a year or sitting for additional subjects over a short period of time.

The website starts from as early as Kinder 1, the very first year of the formal educational path. For each year there is a short explanation, not more than five minutes reading in all, where one can have an idea of the year ahead and what to expect. We’ve also spoken to educators with a background from that particular year to give first-hand insights.

The website is a work in progress project. We’d like to see it grow, change and evolve. We’d like parents, students and teachers to send us tips and information they deem relevant for the individual article and Q&A of that particular year. It’s a website which is always getting better and developing.

We believe knowledge and information is important for everyone to be better prepared for the year ahead, but also to look beyond that and understand that choices made early in the educational path (some might say too early) can have an effect on what options are available down the line.

September 2018 is also going to be a very exciting year, as we see practical changes in the educational system taking place. The website delves into important topics such as the learning outcome framework and My Journey, and helps kick off a conversation about these important themes.

In addition, for most students, half-yearly examinations will be a thing of the past from this upcoming scholastic year. These are all improvements that have been a long time coming and part of a long-term planning structure, which in turn was based on feedback from educators, students and parents over the years.

We hope you like the new next year website. We also hope you join us in creating and improving this space by offering your feedback and comments, and criticism, so we can always make it better and more relevant to all.