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Operation Wallacea Malta ( organizes international wildlife conservation expeditions for Maltese and Gozitan Secondary School, Sixth Form and University students and teachers at biodiversity hotspots across the world!  Students and teachers are taught scientific methods on how to research wildlife in a manner that is directly applicable to students’ O-level and A-level material.  This provides students with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to apply their science material out of the classroom and in the field with professional scientists. The data that the students help collect are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Since 2015, over 160 Maltese and Gozitan participants have attended Operation Wallacea expeditions, including work with indigenous communities and professional scientists in Tropical Rainforests and Savannahs and also SCUBA diving at bio diverse coral reefs!  Expedition sites attended by Malta volunteers include: Romania, Croatia, Indonesia, South Africa, Cuba and Honduras.

The aim of organizing these expeditions for students is to ensure that Maltese and Gozitan students acquire international opportunities and experience to enhance their CV and become competitive for future employment and post-graduate university enrollments.  Moreover, these expeditions qualify students as Open Water PADI SCUBA divers and trains them as research assistants, providing them with innumerable opportunities both within Malta and internationally upon their return.

These expeditions also allow students and teachers to network within the international scientific community.  Moreover, many Maltese and Gozitan students that have joined Operation Wallacea expeditions have then completed degrees in relevant subjects and go on to careers in wildlife conservation or field research! We have received feedback from teachers in Malta that students tend to perform better academically after their Operation Wallacea expeditions.

Students from the following schools attend Operation Wallacea expeditions:

  • Benedict’s College Secondary School
  • Bishop’s Conservatory Secondary School
  • Sacred Heart Minor Seminary Secondary School
  • Martin’s College Secondary School
  • San Andrea Secondary School
  • Junior College Sixth Form
  • Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School
  • Sir M.A. Refalo Sixth Form
  • Aloysius’ College Sixth Form
  • Martin’s College Sixth Form
  • University of Malta
Interested in organizing an expedition for your school? Contact [email protected] for further information

Operation Wallacea expeditions provide an amazing experience in environmental education – one that you will never get anywhere else. I enjoyed every activity. The scientists are very knowledgeable, they allow students to learn and consolidate knowledge through innovative hands-on experience. A definite must for anyone who has conservation at heart!’

Ms Sheryl Green Biology Lecturer at Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School (Romania Expedition 2016/2017)

Operation Wallacea is a unique opportunity of experiential learning for both students and their teachers. It is an experience that encourages teamwork and responsible citizenship. It is an enlightening manner to acquire skills and knowledge beyond the classroom environment!

Ms Rita GattSystems of Knowledge Lecturer at St. Martin’s College Sixth Form (Romania Expedition 2016/2017 and Croatia Expedition 2018)

Once in a lifetime opportunity! Experience of a lifetime! Interesting and we were exposed to a wealth of knowledge. Learned lots and highly recommend to all students!

Ms Lorraine DeBrincat Assistant Technical Officer (Sciences) at Sir M.A. Refalo Sixth Form (Croatia Expedition 2017 and South Africa Expedition 2018)

Unforgettable in so many ways! I learned a lot, which helped me look at life from a different perspective. This experience taught us that nothing can substitute hands-on experience! I thank my friends, my school teacher, my school and the Malta Operation Wallacea office for making such an incredible school trip possible!

Dorothy Attard Student at Sir M.A. Refalo Sixth Form (Croatia Expedition 2017)

A spectacular experience! The people, the atmosphere and the natural environment were all amazing. There was loads of fun to be had, but also a sense of earnest scientific endeavor that was an invaluable learning experience. I would highly recommend it for anyone who wishes to pursue conservation, ecology and other environmental sciences.

Andrew AgiusUniversity of Malta student (Honduras Expedition 2017):