STEM & VET EOs visit STMicroelectronics (Malta)

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A group of STEM and VET Education Officers and Officials from the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes  within the Ministry of Education have recently visited STMicroelectronics Malta (Ltd). The objective of the visit was to provide the STEM/VET education practitioners,  insight about the application of STEM subjects at ST.

The ST Malta General Manager, Laurent Filipozzi, first discussed the pivotal role of STEM subjects and the alignment of the curricula with the future industry needs. Subsequently a number of ST technical personnel explained the departments’ functions, the different roles and the importance of STEM subjects for these career pathways. ST representatives namely, Noel Balzan, Adrian Camilleri and Ivana Cattafi then led the facility tour, explaining the different supporting services and their importance for the plant. The external tour was then followed by a tour within the production lines by Ansel Briffa and Nicole Grech. Finally, a discussion related to the visit and the way forward was held.

The Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes thanks ST Malta for the collaboration and the opportunity to explore the alignment between STEM /VET subjects and their application within ST.  The excellent collaboration between ST Malta and the Directorate will surely be extended further.