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NWAR Programme Applications Are Now Open

The National Literacy Agency would like to announce that the Nwar programme applications for next scholastic year 2021/22 are now open.

Nwar is a family literacy after-school intervention programme for students who are encountering literacy difficulties in Maltese or English. Sessions are held twice a week for a maximum of four Nwar semesters.

Students who in scholastic year 2021-2022 will be in Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 can apply. Foreign students who have literacy difficulties (not merely a lack of language exposure) and understand the language well can also apply for this.

Parents can now enrol their children by sending the application form to the National Literacy Agency, Joseph Abela Scolaro Street, Ħamrun ĦMR 1304. Schools can help in the application process, if parents are unable to do this themselves. All applications are to be approved by a member of the school management team.

These are the links to download the application.

Any queries are to be addressed to Ms Marika Farrugia, Senior Manager, Nwar family literacy programme

Telephone: 2598 3323; Email: [email protected]