EducationMinistry for Education

Webinars Launch: The Future of Education and Training in Europe and Malta

The Minister for Education in collaboration with Services Europe Malta, is organising these Webinars. The webinars will serve the purpose of highlighting the work being done at local level in the five priority areas identified by the strategic framework, namely:

  1. Improving Quality, Equity, Inclusion and Success for all
  2. Making Lifelong Learning and Mobility a reality for all
  3. Enhancing Competences and Motivation in the education profession
  4. Reinforcing European Higher Education
  5. Supporting the Green and Digital transitions in and through education and training.

The Ministry has strategies from early childhood education and care to adult and lifelong learning to ensure that all children, young people and adults have the opportunity to obtain the necessary skills and attitudes to be active citizens and to succeed at work and in society in the 21st century

Malta’s efforts in education system is leading to a steady decline in Early School Leavers from 21.7% in 2012 to 16.7% in 2020. In addition, the proportion of people aged 30-34 with tertiary level qualifications has increased by 11.5 percentage points since 2012 (2020 -39.7 Malta EU – 40.9). Statistics show that adult learning is 11.0% in Malta against the average 9.2 when participation in Malta was that of 7.2% in 2012. The employment rate of recent graduates is equivalent to the highest 92.2% in the EU, while the percentage of NEETs is 9.4%, compared to the EU average of 13.7%.

It is imperative that our education systems are designed to cater for the diverse needs of the students for them to develop and grow into resillient and competent adults, endowed with the necessary skills to be fully active and engaged citiztens.

We are committed to sustain our achievements, and to stay ahead of emerging national and European realities, and harness such opportunities to create further cynergies in order to implement and achieve a truly inclusive education for all.

Participation in the sessions will be online through Zoom and you may register for all or any session of your interest, by sending an email on [email protected]  indicating your preference/s and whether you come from an organisation, an educational institution or any other entity. We will get back to you with the Zoom link/s to participate in the session/s of your choice.