Parents join educators for STEM training

The Science Centre (Pembroke) within the Directorate for Learning & Assessment Programmes (DLAP) recently launched the Breakfast STEM PD sessions – a novel training opportunity engaging parents/guardians together with educators to explore STEM themes collaboratively.  The aim of these sessions is to facilitate young students’ engagement in STEM within both formal class set-ups as well as informal out-of-school/home context.

The first sessions entitled Science & Maths: It’s all around us! targeted educators and parents/guardians of learners in Early Years.  The participants were mutually engaged in hands-on workshops and explored science and maths concepts through the use of a range of household items/resources used on a daily basis.

During the launch of this training Ms Melanie Casha Sammut and Ms Isabel Zerafa (Education Officers for Primary Maths and Science respectively) highlighted the need that every young child should have equal access to high-quality STEM engagement in an environment built to nurture their natural curiosity. They emphasised that  ‘Recognizing that early learners need rich environments, prepared educators and engaged family members to develop STEM skills is pivotal for laying the foundation for future learning in STEM’.

During the welcoming address Ms Scicluna Bugeja (Assistant Director DLAP) lauded the engagement of parents/guardians that serves to foster their confidence in STEM knowledge. She accentuated  that ‘Parents can help extend STEM learning at school to the home, thus strengthening STEM fluency in young children.  When parents/guardians are engaged, they can further the STEM excitement and learning by asking questions to drive STEM-related conversation and action at home too.’

The Science Centre (Pembroke) plans to extend the Breakfast STEM PD sessions.  Interested educators/parents/guardians can access the Science Centre Facebook page to keep updated about future events.