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912 Participate in X’tixtieq Issir La Tikber competition

The last day of events during the Public Service Week was dedicated to all the students who took part in the competition ‘X’Tixtieq Issir La Tikber’.

While 621 took part in the competition last year, in this year’s edition the figure increased by nearly 300.  Students were given the opportunity to spend a few hours at 20 different workplaces in Malta and Gozo, according to the wishes expressed in their respective submissions.

Out of the 912 students hailing from Years 4, 5 and 6, 16% would like to become teachers or pursue other careers in the field of education.  In fact last Saturday Ħandaq Middle School, St. Ignatius College, hosted 80 students  to a job exposure event.  The students were engaged in a sketch produced by the Drama Unit and senior students from the Malta Visual and Performing Arts School.

This job exposure event was organised by the National School Support Services and is part of the outreach campaign that is being organised by the Office of the Permanent Secretary.