Matthew Fenech (MRC Naxxar Primary), Zakariah Licari (De La Salle College), Nathan Tedesco (SNC Attard Primary), Gianluca Shead Farrugia (SBC Safi Primary), and Rakela Debono (SIC Siggiewi Primary) are the top winners of the seventh edition of High 5 Junior Mathematics Challenge organised by the Science Centre (Pembroke). The High 5 initiative targets gifted learners in mathematics in years 5 and 6 within Primary schooling. During the seventh High 5 edition, a total of 327 students from 74 schools were nominated while 65 students qualified for the second phase of the High 5 Challenge that involved participation in five after-school workshops.

Ms Desiree Scicluna Bugeja (Assistant Director DLAP), Mr. Michel Cordina (HSBC-Executive Director and Head of Business Development), and Mr. Mark Pace (MNA-Director of Sales and Marketing) presented the awards, medals, and certificates to the winners.

Six other students namely Dave Caruana (Archbishop’s Seminary), Luigi Borg (St. Paul’s Missionary College), Wayne Muscat (Theresa Nuzzo School), Kaarthik Santosh and Kaushik Santosh (SMC-M’Skala St Joachim Primary) and Jake Bonnici (De La Salle College) were also presented medals and certificates.

The winners and all High 5 participants are engaged in the STEM Camps held at the Malta National Aquarium. The High 5 JMC and the STEM Camp events are supported by the HSBC Malta Foundation. The Foundation also supports a range of other STEM initiatives including the Science Safari, the Hunt, the HSBC STEM Challenge, Malta Junior Science Olympiad, and the MatemaTikka Award scheme.