St Clare College, Sliema Primary, held a ‘Dinja Waħda’ exhibition at school

‘Dinja Waħda’ is a project that promotes good environmental practices. It  helps the students appreciate more the Maltese flora and fauna and how to look after them well.

Last year, St Clare College, Sliema Primary achieved the Gold award and placed 3rd amongst all the Maltese primary schools.

Throughout this year, our educators and students worked hard to maintain these high standards. They carried out all the activities included in the Action guide and promoted other good environmental practices through a cross-curricular approach.

The school organised a Green Day in aid of the Foster a Forest Campaign. The sum collected was €444.74. Moreover, our classes participated in a number of other events and activities organised by Bird Life Malta.

Besides Dinja Waħda, the school embarked on the EkoSkola Project as well.  This has been the first time the Sliema Primary community participated in this project. This programme draws on Sustainable Development learning within formal education. It is a project that runs for two years by integrating Education for Sustainable Development in the curriculum. The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14 ‘Life Below Water’ was chosen by learners through a democratic process. Therefore, learners were already given the opportunity of taking a democratic role of citizenship voting.

The school identified the priority targets that need to be addressed, followed by the drafting of an action plan. The 7 main targets aimed to: Explore the ocean, reduce the use of single-use plastic, reuse and recycling plastic, avoid products that contain microbeads, spread the world to the external community, support NGOs and eat sustainable food.

Learners and educators participated wholeheartedly in various activities and the EkoSkola commitee had a very active role in implementing this action plan. Special assemblies were held weekly focusing on these 7 targets.

Last week during the EkoSkola Gren Flag Jury meeting Prof Paul Pace announced that our school has won the Green Flag, a very prestigious award.

We encourage a whole school approach effort and participation in these two projects. We hope that through these activities our students and the whole school community will become more aware of the importance of taking care of our environment and protect the world we live in.

Studenti fl-iskola primarja ta’ Tas-Sliema joħolqu żoni ambjentali fl-iskola stess