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MQF Level 3 Certificate in Practical Multi-Disciplinary Studies in the Visual and Performing Arts

The Practical Multi-Disciplinary Studies in the Visual and Performing Arts’ course aims to instill creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, self-development, cultural awareness, and appreciation of the visual and performing arts.

This qualification is recognised by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) at MQF Level 3 (60 ECTS) and will cover interaction between the different art-forms including opera, musicals, film, ballet, drama, and any other genres incorporating multiple art-forms.

This course, which spans from October 2022 till September 2024, is made up of 6 Modules as follows:

  1. Concepts of Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Art
  2. The Synergies of Multi-Disciplinary Productions
  3. Intra and Interpersonal Skills in the Multi-Disciplinary Arts
  4. Direction and Production Hierarchy
  5. History of Multi-Disciplinary Productions
  6. Placement in at least one commercial Multi-Disciplinary Production

Learners are encouraged to further a career and studies in: Acting; Directing; Stage Management; Scriptwriting; Screenwriting; Costume Design & Manufacture; Make-up Artist; Production; Theatre Management; Production Management; Performing in multi-disciplinary productions; Curatorship; Stage direction; Site management; Set operation; Property master; Wardrobe management; Light design; Set design; Artistic coordination.

Eligibility for the course:

· MQF Level 2 Award in Acting and Drama, OR
· MQF Level 2 Award in Visual Arts, OR
· MQF Level 2 Award in Music Knowledge & Understanding, OR
· MQF Level 2 Award in Music Performance, OR
· Evidence of knowledge and skills in any of the visual and performing arts through a portfolio, during an audition and/or interview

Lessons will be held every Monday and Friday between 15:00 and 16:30 in the different schools within Mikiel Anton Vassalli College.

Applications for the course are open until midnight of Friday 23rd September 2022 and can be completed online through MAVC – MySchool (

Auditions will be held during the first week of October 2022

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