Induction Seminar for the Newly Recruited Educators

The Directorate for Quality and Standards (DQSE) in Education facilitated the first day of the induction seminar for the newly qualified/recruited educators from across the three sectors (State, Church and Independent). The theme for this year’s seminar was ‘Quality education is everyone’s responsibility’.  The Hon. Minister Clifton Grima emphasized that quality education is a basic human right and key to a healthy and forward-looking society. On his behalf, the Permanent Secretary Mr. Matthew Vella highlighted the role of educators in preparing learners for tomorrow’s careers.

Ms. Denise Gatt, Director, DQSE and Ms. Nadja Caruana , Education Officer Inclusive Education  and National School Support Services, highlighted what role the educator plays in ensuring that the provision of education is truly one of  quality.  Ms. Jennifer Grima, Education Officer Council for the Teaching Profession, explained to attendees the teachers’ Code of Ethics and warranting procedures.

Participants also had the opportunity to engage and ask questions to a panel of experienced educators who shared with them practical tips useful during their early days at school.