ŻiguŻajg Season programme 2022-2023

Last week marked the official launch of the fourth edition of the ŻiguŻajg Season programme for the 2022-2023.

The ŻiguŻajg Team are thrilled to announce that as part of this programme, they will be offering a series of shows for students. These performances are an excellent opportunity for young people to experience live performances and we would like to take this moment to encourage you to review the below newsletter and reserve seats for the shows that best fit your schedule.

In addition to being a fantastic cultural experience, these performances are also an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about the performing arts. They will have the chance to see professional actors and actresses in action, and to gain an understanding of the hard work and dedication that goes into creating a successful production.

The ŻiguŻajg Team look forward to welcoming you and your students to the ŻiguŻajg Season events at Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta.

ŻiguŻajg 2023 Season