“Charting a New Course: The Booming English Training Sector in Malta”

Malta’s English language training sector is experiencing a recovery. The increase in the number of international students in 2022, indicates a positive trend and suggests that students are once again choosing Malta as a destination for their language studies.

According to the data released by Malta’s National Statistics Office (NSO), there was a remarkable 103% rise in the number of students compared to the previous year. This substantial growth highlights the attractiveness of Malta as a destination for English language learning.

Some interesting facts:

  • In 2022, foreign students attending English language courses at local licensed English Language Teaching (ELT) schools amounted to 56,675, marking an increase of 28,822 over 2021.
  • 307 students followed courses remotely, equivalent to 0.5% out of total students.
  • The largest share of students attending local licensed English Language Teaching (ELT) schools in Malta came from Italy (16.3 per cent), followed by France (13.1 per cent).
  • The most popular course uptake in local licensed ELT schools was Intensive English at 69.4 per cent.

Malta is known for its high-quality English language education and has been a popular choice for international students seeking to improve their language skills.  The country’s favourable climate, rich history, and vibrant culture make it an appealing location for language learners from around the world.