Evaluation Meeting for MATSEC Exam Centre Supervisors & Assistant Supervisors

The Department of Examinations recently held an Evaluation Meeting for MATSEC Exam Centre Supervisors and Assistant Supervisors.  Mr Michael Deguara (Officer in Grade 5) greeted and welcomed the participants while Mr Salton Sammut (Principal) delivered a brief presentation related to MATSEC May 2023 Exam Centre Management Statistics.

Ms Desiree Scicluna Bugeja (Assistant Director – Department of Examinations) and Mr Malcolm Micallef (Deputy Director – MATSEC) addressed the audience to share some reflections about the complete process, while thanking all personnel for their commitment and diligent work.

The participants shared their comments and put forward suggestions for strengthening the professional service during the forthcoming MATSEC high-stake examinations.  Indeed, the meeting discussion served as an excellent opportunity for evaluation and feedback collection.

The Department of Examinations encourages individuals interested to take invigilation roles during MATSEC examinations to check the official portal