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Fgura Primary A School Spreads Christmas Cheer with ‘Shoebox of Love’ Initiative

In a heartwarming display of generosity and compassion, Fgura Primary A School has underscored the spirit of giving this festive season by organizing the ‘Shoebox of Love’ campaign. The initiative aimed to extend a helping hand to those in need while encapsulating the essence of Christmas through acts of kindness.

The premise was simple yet profound: all students were encouraged to bring in a shoebox adorned as a Christmas present, brimming with essential items such as canned food, toiletries, non-perishable groceries, and other necessities with a prolonged shelf life. These thoughtful collections were destined for the Sagra Famiglia Institute, a haven for children situated in the neighbouring village of Zabbar.

The altruistic drive served a dual purpose, primarily supporting the dedicated nuns responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Sagra Famiglia Institute. The school’s efforts aimed at alleviating the Institute’s running expenses, extending a hand of solidarity and support.

Today marked an extraordinary moment as the Sisters arrived at Fgura Primary A School to collect the bountiful donations. The overwhelming response necessitated not one but two trips, with two vans fully laden with the Shoeboxes of Love, a testament to the community’s overwhelming generosity.

Acknowledgment poured in for the masterminds behind this benevolent idea: LSEs Ms. Heidi and Ms. Samantha, whose vision and dedication brought the initiative to life. Mr. Grech, the Head of School, alongside the diligent staff, orchestrated and coordinated the collection process, seamlessly integrating it into the school’s routine through daily assemblies. This concerted effort resonated with the school’s ethos, forming an integral part of its ‘Curriculum of Kindness.’

The ‘Shoebox of Love’ initiative not only exemplified the true essence of Christmas but also instilled invaluable lessons of empathy and generosity among the students, fostering a culture of

compassion and selflessness within the school community. Fgura Primary A School’s commitment to making a meaningful difference stands as a shining example of the power of collective goodwill and unity in spreading joy during the holiday season.