Opportunity for Middle and Secondary School-aged Students to learn and take part in a Multidisciplinary Art Production

Every year, Mikiel Anton Vassalli College (MAVC) puts up a multidisciplinary production which involves professionals and students working and performing together. In 2022, the College produced an Opera – Film (BLAT – the Island Fortress) and in 2023 live excerpts from operas by Maltese composers (Gawhar Misjub) took place.

For May 2024, the focus shall be on a drama with music and dance named Id-Dejjem (The Everlink). The original script shall be written by renowned scriptwriter Malcolm Galea and the music by Reuben Pace. The College has recruited professionals who will mentor the students in their practice for this production. These include a stage director, an orchestral conductor, a choir master, costume and makeup artists, a lighting designer, a set designer and set builder, a choreographer, amongst others.

Students who are interested in this holistic approach to arts are encouraged to take part in this unique opportunity by filling the form in the link provided:

We are offering students several learning opportunities. If interested, students can apply for ONE of the following 10 roles until 30th January by filling the online form here :

  1. Joining the Choir as Singer.
  2. Joining the dance troupe as Dancer (ballet, contemporary/pop/street dance, etc.).
  3. Joining as Actors and possibly also assisting and shadowing the Stage Director.
  4. Musicians of any of the orchestral instruments (Brass, Winds, Strings and Percussion). Students should have attained grade 6 (MQF level 3) or higher in the instrument they play.
  5. Set design, construction and set painting (of particular interest to students of Visual Arts).
  6. Costume Design and Wardrobe Manager (of particular interest to students of VET Fashion and Textiles).
  7. Light Design (of particular interest to students of Media Studies and Digital/Visual Arts).
  8. Assisting the Makeup and Wigs artist (of particular interest to students of VET Hairdressing and Beauty).
  9. Backstage Hands and assisting in Stage Management.
  10. Assisting the Production Management.

Applicants may be called for an audition and/or interview individually or in group.

Students who take part in this production will receive an accredited Award in “Placement in a Commercial Production” which is worth 24 ECTS (after being duly assessed).

Selected students will be expected to be available for the production week starting 27th May 2024 after normal school hours. Depending on the role chosen, students will be called for rehearsals or preparations as from the 2nd scholastic term always after normal school hours.