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European Day of Languages 2023 – Prize Giving Ceremony

On Wednesday, January 24, 2024, the National Literacy Agency, in collaboration with the European Commission Representation in Malta, organised the European Day of Languages 2023 Prize-Giving Ceremony. This event commemorated the celebration of linguistic diversity initiated by the Council of Europe.

The European Day of Languages serves as a platform to honour the richness of languages across Europe, with 700 million Europeans represented in the Council of Europe’s 46 member states. Throughout the continent, individuals are encouraged to explore and appreciate multiple languages throughout their lives.

As part of last year’s European Day of Languages activities, the National Literacy Agency held the competition “What Can You Do in a Foreign Language?” This competition aimed to inspire children and young people aged 3 to 16 to showcase their language skills through short video clips.

The prize-giving ceremony was an opportunity to honour the 11 students who stood out with their exceptional entries, as well to underscore the importance of fostering an environment where linguistic diversity is valued and celebrated.


The eleven winners are the following:

Shuman Xiao (Emma), 12

Hailey Scicluna, 14

Anna Bryukhovetskaya, 16

Daniel Aloisio, 14

Nina Aloisio, 7

Julia Falzon, 14

Deva’ Chircop Caruana, 13

Karmeen Cutajar, 15

Mikela Barun, 8

Chelsea Dimech, 13

Ella Armstrong, 14