EducationMEYRSchool Initiative

Sharing of Good Practices at St. Clare College

Throughout the scholastic year 2022- 2023, educators within St Clare College participated in various projects where they used different digital tools across various curricular areas. These included eTwinning projects encouraging  collaboration between educators both on a  national and European level. Some of these projects were integrated with other existing programmes such as Digital Citizenship Education, Dinja Waħda, Let’s talk Farming and Computational Thinking in a cross-curricular approach.

Testimonials of educators and students were recorded to share good practices within the college as well as with other colleges around Malta and Gozo. These videos are intended to be shared with educators during staff meetings, CoPE sessions or other means or channels to encourage them to embark in similar projects.

Early Years

Travelling Angels goes international

Malti biss, Malti spiss (Kinder)

Around the World and back

Mawra man-nanniet

Malti biss, Malti spiss (Yr 1-3)


Junior Years

Connecting Cultures

Digital Citizenship Education

Let’s Talk Farming

Malti biss, Malti spiss (Yrs 4 -6)

eTime Travellers


Across the Primary years

Curriculum mapping – using digital tools to enhance Maltese literacy

Kindness Boomerang

Dinja Waħda goes digital