EducationMEYRSchool Initiative

Global Citizenship Education in the Primary

Engaged and Responsible Citizenship

Dynamic and future-oriented learning experiences, aligned to authentic and meaningful world scenarios, are proven to stimulate students, and above all better equip them with knowledge, skills and attitudes towards engaged and responsible citizenship.

Water as a scarce resource, water sources and their conservation, responsible consumption, water harvesting and sustainable irrigation will be the basis for 21st Century learning experiences in St Thomas More College, Fgura Primary A and Tarxien, Marija Reġina College Qawra Primary and Gozo  College schools Żebbug and Xagħra for the next year.

During February and March 2024, literacy, numeracy, science and social studies learning was taken to the next level by engaging students in digital research, collaborative work, debate, investigation, creative problem solving and presentation. Consequently, students identified a water related problem in their school and proposed a solution for it.

Students will present their work and project proposals on water-related improvements within their schools on Thursday 14th March at l-Għajn – National Water Conservation Awareness Centre as part of LIFE 16 IPE MT008 Water Educational Campaign School Projects Launch Ceremony. The students’ proposals will come to fruition through funding provided by the Energy and Water Agency, LIFE 16 IPE MT008 Action C.4 Water Educational Campaign School Projects.