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Stories in Motion – Once Upon a Time…

The Stories in Motion project took another step forward as participants from the 4 partner schools gathered in Ascoli Piceno, Italy, for the second face-to-face meeting from 11 to 15 March, 2024. The project is a collaborative effort between Cospicua Primary School and Zabbar Primary School B in Malta, Istituto Scolastico Comprensivo “Borgo Solestà – Cantalamessa” in Ascoli Piceno, Italy, and CEIP San Pedro Crisólogo in Seville, Spain. The two-year initiative is  funded under the Erasmus+ programme and focuses on enhancing digital and intercultural competences, fostering creativity, and celebrating diversity through stop-motion animation.

Throughout the week, participants engaged in a series of workshops and activities aimed at exploring the potential of stop-motion animation as a pedagogical tool. Highlights included a storytelling workshop and hands-on sessions focusing on developing visual narratives through storyboarding led by Giacomo Taddeo Traini, a renowned comic artist. The next phase of the project will now see partner schools developing a classic fairytale through stop-motion animation, highlighting cultural diversity and storytelling across different contexts.