Ministry for Education Secures EU Funding for Groundbreaking Digital Literacy Initiative

The Ministry for Education in Malta is proud to announce a significant milestone in its ongoing efforts to advance digital literacy and transform education for the next generation. We are thrilled to confirm that the European Union has committed to co-funding our One Device Per Child (ODPC) project (ESF+.03.184) for the next five years, marking a pivotal moment in our journey toward a digitally empowered future.

The ODPC project represents the largest digital initiative of its kind undertaken by the Ministry. This transformative endeavor will revolutionize the way students learn and interact with technology in the classroom and beyond.

Additionally, the Ministry for Education reaffirms its commitment to ensuring that basic digital skills are accessible to a minimum of 80% of the population by 2030, aligning with our vision for a digitally inclusive society where every individual has the opportunity to harness the full potential of technology.

Crucially, the ODPC project will be funded through a strategic partnership, with 40% of the budget allocated from local funds and the remaining 60% secured through EU contributions. This collaborative approach underscores the shared commitment of the Ministry and the European Union to drive innovation and enhance educational opportunities for our youth.