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Zabbar Primary B: Cultivating Excellence Through Erasmus+

In recent weeks, our school has had the pleasure of hosting several teachers and students from across Europe through the Erasmus+ project. This initiative reflects our commitment to embracing international educational opportunities and fostering cultural exchange.

Early in May we hosted teachers and students from Agrupamento de Escolas de Constância, Portugal. They spent a week engaging with our Year 5 students and teachers, exchanging knowledge and learning the basics of Maltese and Portuguese languages. We also introduced them to traditional Maltese cuisine, such as ħobż biż-żejt, and they shared insights about their school with us.

Following this, we welcomed two teachers from Osnovna škola Tordinci, Croatia. These educators, who had previously connected with our teachers during a professional development course in Budapest, were eager to experience our school firsthand. Additionally, a teacher from EPLEFPA de Saint Germain en Laye – Agrocampus in France joined us, taking time to teach some basic French to our youngest students.

Last week, our school also received four more teachers from Portugal through the Município de Odemira, further solidifying our role as a hub of professional excellence sought after by educators across Europe.

From May 15th to 17th, we hosted Dr Aart Franken, a Dutch psychologist, who interacted with our staff and led workshops on teacher well-being, self-care, and mentalisation. Dr Franken is the third expert we’ve invited under our Erasmus+ accreditation programme.

Looking ahead, we are excited to host a French student teacher for an internship, continuing our commitment to international collaboration and professional development.

These opportunities, facilitated by Erasmus+, enhance our educational environment, promote cultural exchange, and support the personal and professional growth of our teachers and students.