EducationMEYRSchool Initiative

Child-Centred Approaches within a Diverse Classroom

Yesterday morning, a group of Year 1 and Year 2 teachers shared their good practice on the implementation of child-centred approaches within their diverse classroom setting. Nine teachers inspired the rest of the group with co-constructive practices, literacy, digital skills, assessment for learning strategies, creative thinking and inquiry-based learning at their best.

This initiative was yet another event supporting the well-being of educators and learners, while providing Early Years educators with an opportunity for further growth through upskilling and reskilling. Power point presentations showcased the personal transition towards improved innovative pedagogy which puts the learner at the centre of formal and informal teaching, ultimately to inspire new knowledge, new skills and positive attitudes towards teaching, learning and continuous assessment in a fun environment, whether within the classroom, at home or within the community.

Ms Josette Bezzina and Ms Joanne Mifsud as Education Officers for the Early Years within the Directorate for the Early Years, Languages and Humanities and supported by Ms Sandra Ebejer as Director and Dr Alice Micallef as Assistant Director were the minds behind this event which successfully brought to light the dedication, preparation and ongoing commitment within the EYs Department and among our Year 1 and Year 2 educators.

More sessions are being planned and preparations are underway to promote all similar good practices and make them accessible through a digital central repository.

The session took place at SGP, Floriana Primary thanks to Mr Abela, Head of School.