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Opening of the Global Citizenship Education Training and Learning Centre.

St Ignatius College in collaboration with one of its schools, St Ignatius College St Sebastian Qormi Primary School, the Office of the Hon. Minister for Education, Sports, Youth, Research and Innovation, the Office of the Permanent Secretary, and the Directorate for Early Years, Languages and the Humanities have, today, inaugurated the first ever Global Citizenship Education Training and Learning Centre on the islands of Malta.
The unveiling of the plaque and the opening of the room was done by the Hon. Minister Clifton Grima, in the presence of the Permanent Secretary, Mr Matthew Vella, the Head of College Network, Dr Doreen Said Pace, and other distinguished guests.
This learning environment aims at equipping our educators with multimodal teaching and learning opportunities to instill the important skills of analysis, exchange of ideas, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and communication amongst others. Our training and learning centre will provide educators the opportunity for immersed learning where enriching teaching and learning experiences fostering the 21st century skills can take place. Therefore, it aligns with the principles of the National Education Strategy 2024-2030 as this learning environment is a powerful way to respond to the workforce’s call of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) yet at the same time targeting the SDGs set by the EU for 2030 and beyond.
The class has a non-traditional setting with 6 areas to investigate, create, develop, exchange, present, and interact. It is also a highly valuable resource for implementing the transformational vision to the strategic integration of educational technologies in the curriculum in line with UNESCO’s guidelines, for the consolidation of Education for Sustainable Development as a cross-curriculum theme.
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