Celebrating Environmental Awareness: Young Reporters for the Environment Awards 2024

The Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) is an international programme locally coordinated by Nature Trust – FEE Malta. This year’s annual awards ceremony featured a new format and were held on May 28th and 30th at the recently inaugurated Eco Hive Academy in Marsaskala’s Family Park. 88 students attended the event on different dates. The annual competition saw 169 entries, including videos, photos, and articles, addressing issues such as pollution, biodiversity loss, and climate action.

The Eco Hive Academy, managed by WasteServ, opened earlier this year with a mission to educate the public on sustainable waste practices through interactive and hands-on activities. During the event, students engaged with the academy’s exhibits, learning how to contribute to a greener future.

“We are thrilled to offer attendees the opportunity to explore the Eco Hive Academy while we honor their contributions to sustainability,” said Audrey Gauci, National YRE Coordinator. “Exciting times lie ahead with the introduction of a new category that will highlight the importance of waste management and environmental decision-making, while showcasing students’ artistic and media skills,” Ms. Gauci explained.

Several YRE students also participated in the Litter Less Campaign, which teaches students about different types of litter and waste and encourages hands-on strategies to reduce and prevent litter in their schools and communities. This campaign enhances students’ environmental literacy, promotes sustainable behaviour change, and helps develop environmental leaders.

At the event, many students were recognized for their winning entries and will now compete in an international competition. Local prizes included three awards from WasteServ, one from HSBC, and five from the Litter Less Campaign and YRE program. Three of the entries listed below were shortlisted for the international final selection, with results expected by early July.

The Litter Less Campaign will conclude next academic year, and a new project will be introduced in 2025. Schools interested in participating can contact the national coordinator at [email protected].

This the full list of winners:

Ninu Cremona Gozo College Secondary School Adaptability Despite Adversity


Emma Lynn Cauchi Best Entry – reportage photo https://yremalta.org/past-entries/adaptability-despite-adversity/
Independent candidate Who said it’s a 1-time plastic? Luke De Bono Best entry Campaign photo

WasteServ 2nd prize

Ninu Cremona Gozo College Secondary School Suffocated Nature Allison Li-Ana Dempsey  

WasteServ 3rd prize

St Clare College, San Gwann Primary Lonely Meal: A Boy’s Environmental Reflection Kyle Jean Xuereb  

WasteServ 1st prize

St Clare College, San Gwann Primary Resilience Under Care Amy Borg Stevens Best Entry Series of photos https://www.yremalta.org/past-entries/resilience-under-care/
Immaculate Conception School Tarxien From Eco-School student to environment entrepreneur.


Kyla Nicole Psaila Best entry

Article 11-14 years

St Augustine College Water Audit at St Augustine College Reveals Student Habits and Perspectives Mikael Balzan , Mattia Stafrace  

HSBC Award

Maria Regina College, Naxxar Primary Act fast Save the hedgehogs


Liam Camilleri Best entry

Video 11-14 years




YRE Malta – @YRE is coordinated by @Nature Trust – FEE Malta with support from the Ministry of Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation; Ambjent Malta; HSBC Malta Foundation; Wasteserv Malta and Transport Malta.