‘IKKULURITI’— the Mikiel Anton Vassalli College (MAVC) Art Exhibition

College Art exhibitions are organized annually by the Art Education Officers at the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation (MEYR) together with the Heads of College Network and Heads of Schools. This year, it was the turn of Mikiel Anton Vassalli College (MAVC), comprising the national schools of Art in Malta and Gozo. On Friday, 5th July 2024, ‘IKKULURITI’—the MAVC exhibition—was launched at Ta’ Qali Art Space, National Park, Attard.

The various artworks displayed professionally by MAVC Art teachers in a public space reflect the high quality of teaching and learning provided at the School of Art in Malta and the School of Art in Gozo. The artworks show that art teachers at this college are truly committed to providing their students with a holistic art education experience, where students not only learn the technical aspects of art—drawing, painting, sculpting—but are also encouraged to construct meanings through art and thus engage at a deeper level.

The exhibition theme, ‘IKKULURITI,’ is the Maltese word for the adjective “Colourful”. The MAVC exhibited artworks are ‘colourful’ both physically and symbolically. Physically, the artworks are colourful in their diversity of materials and techniques. The artworks were created using collages, paints, weaving, gem markers, printing, mixed media, woodcuts, papier-mâché pulp, texture rubbings, pastels, clay, and recycled materials. Symbolically, the artworks are colourful in the variety of narratives, meanings, and interpretations they offer. Each artwork, whether a portrait, a pattern, a cardboard relief, an assemblage, a totem, or a foam cake, presents a story where color goes beyond its visual application to represent ideas, emotions, and imagination.

The public is encouraged to visit the MAVC exhibition until 19th July 2024. The exhibition is open free-of-charge from Monday to Friday: 9am-7pm and Saturday to Sunday: 9am-2pm at Ta’ Qali Art Space, National Park, Attard. Find us on Google Maps.

Dr Charmaine Zammit (Art EO)