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Artistic work of art by Laura Ludaics, student at the Gozo College

These four images refer to the works done by Year 11 student Laura Ludaics who attends the Gozo College Secondary School.  

The abstract paintings presented by Laura are pure expressions, the purpose of which is to create a harmonious balance between shapes and colours. The shapes created by Laura are not related to natural or man-made objects. Her abstract paintings do not exist in the outside world which is familiar to us; on the contrary, such a colourful and inventive form of expression stands for a world that exists within.

The title of this painting is “Embracing Unity and Diversity”. Through simple gestures and symbolic connotations, Laura illustrates an idyllic social context in which harmony and unity among different individuals or groups are manifested.

This image illustrates “The Tree of Life”. This is an archetypal and popular theme often linked to the world’s mythologies, religions and philosophical traditions. Laura interpreted this theme in a colourful way since colour is synonymous to energy and life. The imposing figure of the tree in the foreground is shown connecting and creating synergy with other forms of the creation.