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Award in Education for Sustainable Development

Ekoskola and Out-Of-Class Activities commencing in April

The Institute for Education is offering a 1 ECTS at MQF 7 Award in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). This is one of the cross-curricular themes listed in the National Curriculum Framework (NCF). This stand-alone module is intended to familiarize teachers with the principles of ESD and how to identify opportunities for cross-curricularity. During the course, learners will be familiarized with the Eko-Skola programme (that has been identified by UNESCO as the largest international ESD movement) and the opportunities it provides to implement ESD as a whole school approach. One of the objectives of ESD (and of the NCF) is the development of the school-community interface. The course will also provide teachers with skills on how to plan out-of-class activities that familiarize students with community resources.

Look for the Award in Education for Sustainable Development: Ekoskola and Out-Of-Class Activities

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