Learning Together with Żabbar Primary A

The lady in the picture is called Frances and she takes care of a number of cats and dogs in her very own sanctuary. All the cats and dogs at her sanctuary have their own story and they all ended up without a home of their own. So, Frances although a pensioner, was kind enough to provide a roof together with vet care and daily food for these poor creatures, usually out of her own pocket.

As can be seen in these two photos, other kind souls (both students and staff members) at Zabbar Primary A, provided some wet and dry food for these cats and dogs.

Although the school’s SMT is aware of the fact that the collected food won’t go a very long way considering the large number of mouths that Frances has to feed, we also know that every drop counts. Apart from thanking all those who contributed, we urge everyone to contribute next time we organise another collection.

In the name of her beloved creatures Frances sends a big thank you and her great appreciation to all those who provided the food.